In order to showcase the best of living and working in Jersey, the Jersey Style Awards has been working with a bunch of extremely talented photographers and videographers to show exactly what this island gem has to offer. Not only in terms of the island's scenery but also the extremely talented people that hail from the Island of Jersey.

John Ovenden was born in Jersey. At a young age he had a passion for the sea and the stories of ship wrecks around the Island. In the last five years he has been focused on photography particularly on and in the sea with waves, Landscapes and wildlife. He has a passion for photographing the dolphins around the Channel Islands. In March 2016 he launched his first photographic exhibition which was very successful. He has since set up a Face Book business page showcasing and selling his work. "John Ovenden Photography".

Jersey born Robbie Dark is currently based in Western Australia. He is a surf and lifestyle photographer and loves to work let his work 'whisper bold words'. He looks for quiet spaces, strange light, moments in-between where the beauty found is subtle and discreet. He thrives on bringing imagery emotive, visceral and timeless.

Andy Le Gresley's landscape and fine art images are inspired by the natural beauty of his home, Jersey. His emphasis is on timeless imagery and clean composition, and he is driven by the dawn and dusk light which can transform a landscape. Andy also shoots commercial photography for a large range of clients in Jersey and the UK, mainly specialising in lifestyle imagery for interiors, architecture and hospitality brands. His work is known for its creative, authentic and storytelling style which he believes is important in today's commercial industry, where being real and personal is good business. To see more, take a look at his portfolios and on his social media channels below:

At just 20 years of age, Jersey student Tom Hall has been capturing his powerful imagery since he was 14. A self taught creative, he is now pursing his passion at Bournemouth University where he is studying Media Production. His drone cinematography of Jersey is impressive, fresh and exciting, always leaving the viewer wanting more. His innovative approach positions him as most definitely 'one to watch'.

We are delighted to be working with such amazing talent across the awards.


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