Enjoyed for over 200 years starting at the celebrations and grand balls of the wealth and titeled elite in the Kingdom of Prussia and the Austrian Empire and through to the modern day at the best bars and restaurants around the world. Lanique is a unique and uplifting spirit made from all natural ingredients including the coveted Attar of Rose from the East which gives it its unique flavour. Best enjoyed to get into the party spirit as its signature serve the Lanique & Lime or as a unique uplifting addition to classic cocktails.

Lanique & Lime
50ml Lanique
20ml Fresh lime juice
Lots of crushed ice
Dash of soda water
Slice of lime

The latest chapter in the Lanique story began when the current owner of Lanique, Jersey entrepreneur Lawrence Huggler, purchased the drink. The bottle and label have been redesigned to reflect the rich history and quality of the drink and now, Huggler's aim is to introduce as many people as possible to Lanique, to let them discover it's uniqueness and amazing taste as he did ten years ago.

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