Why Jersey?


A leading jurisdiction with a global reach, Jersey is strategically placed to put you and your business at an advantage. With tax rates among the lowest in Europe, discover how relocating to Jersey can make a difference for you, your business and your family.

A destination to feel comfortable about

Peace of mind is priceless. Self-governing, with a stable government and independent fiscal and legal systems, Jersey provides an ideal environment for your business to flourish.

With a highly respected international reputation and recognised by both the IMF and OECD, Jersey's well-regulated business infrastructure ensures that you will have peace of mind when you or your business move to the island.


Why Jersey?

Stability and security

Jersey regularly ranks as one of the top offshore finance centres in the world. Our jurisdiction believes in protecting the hard-earned wealth of its residents and offers some of the most favourable tax advantages in the world, paving the way for growth and prosperity for you and your business.

Peace of mind

Finding a jurisdiction that can offer you the very best tax advantages might be a motivation, but selecting a location to become your new home is about much more.

With its culture of safety and privacy, high quality health and leisure facilities, world class restaurants, a high quality education system and easy access to the UK, Europe and beyond, Jersey will be the ideal location for you and your family to prosper.


Why Jersey?

Business and Tax

With a tax environment that can benefit your business and your family, discover how Jersey can put you at an advantage.

With a highly-developed business and communications network, low personal and business taxes, discover how relocating to the beautiful island of Jersey can pave the way to success for you, your team and your family.

Low tax structures

Our tax rates are among the lowest in Europe, with a maximum personal tax rate of 20%. And with low stamp duty on property, no capital gains or inheritance tax, and corporate tax at 0% (10% for certain financial services companies only), relocating to Jersey paves the way for growth and prosperity.


Why Jersey?

Established networks

Our commercial environment is home to some of the world's leading banks, financial institutions and law firms.

First-class industry contacts and service providers are all within easy reach, putting you instantly at the heart of a thriving business centre.

Building connections

With a highly-developed communications network including island-wide gigabit and 4G connectivity, excellent access to world-renowned professional service providers and a progressive attitude to the establishment of corporate offices, discover an environment where businesses and people flourish.


Why Jersey?

Strategic location

All the advantages of an offshore destination, with the practicalities of sharing the same time zone and language as the UK. Independence, but with the security of swift communications and secure connections with the rest of the world. With nothing lost in translation, your business never loses focus.

The rest of the world at your fingertips

With daily flights to international hub airports, and easy access to the UK and Europe's transport networks, Jersey is your starting point for a world of connections. Its strategic location makes travel easy and enjoyable whether you're taking your family skiing, spending the weekend in the city or visiting business contacts.


Why Jersey?


Discover a true work/life balance in a high quality location and experience peace of mind for yourself and your family.

Unspoilt beaches. Clean and pure air. Conveniently close to international business centres, but far enough away to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in a tranquil and secure location. With a pace of life that gives you and your family space to thrive, Jersey is an environment where people and businesses flourish.

Mix business and pleasure

Where Michelin-starred restaurants sit alongside areas of outstanding natural beauty, cliff-top golf courses overlook Atlantic breakers, and everything is within easy reach.

Jersey's close proximity to France adds a distinctly European feel to the island's ambiance. It's the perfect setting for the good life, whether you're hosting clients or just appreciating the island's wealth of natural resources.


Finding your place

Jersey's eight by fourteen kilometre landscape is home to a varied selection of property options from contemporary sea view beach properties to traditional granite country houses.

High Value Residency and Essential Employee consents are granted each year, with each submission considered on the basis of the financial and social attributes that a candidate could bring to island life.

Peace of mind for you and your family

Jersey has a top class education system, with private schools costing as little as a third of that in the UK. With a comprehensive health service and a work-life balance that means you can be on the beach with your family within minutes of leaving the office, Jersey is the ideal environment in which to enjoy your success.


Jersey. For business. For life.

Locate Jersey is the government team responsible for promoting, attracting and retaining inward investment and developing High Value Residency for Jersey.

They provide comprehensive, confidential and free advice to facilitate, support and guide individuals and companies through the process of relocating themselves, or their business, to Jersey.

For further information please call +44 (0) 1534 440604, email locatejersey@gov.je or visit www.locatejersey.com/jsa


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